A Family Reunion | Meadows of Dan, Virginia

A large Family Reunion can be so much fun. You’re seeing family for the first time in years. Meeting new babies and children that arrived in recent years. Young adults are freshly engaged. Thus, growing the large family even more! The grandparents and, sometimes, great grandparents have the privilege of seeing all the generations after them. What makes it even more special is when you organize it to be a weekend Thanksgiving vacation. 

family photography

The incredible opportunity to capture this family presented itself a week prior to the event. They wanted family portraits along with documentation of their reunion and the current photographer wasn’t available for that. She connected with me because I have worked with large families before and recommended me. The location? Primland.

If you’ve never heard of or been to this place, you are in for a treat. Rated one of the top vacation resorts in the nation, it is nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. This place is jaw-dropping. From the beautiful view of the mountains to the foggy, winding roads; beauty surrounds you. The family I had the pleasure of working with was, much like Primland, a beautiful family. 

A Swing Dancing Family

As a lover of the forties and fifties, I was delighted to see the entire family swing dancing after dinner. Whether it was an elderly couple (THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN) or the young girls, there was swing dancing. The family was also musical! They had an excellent trombone player amongst them. 

One of the most heartwarming things was the elderly couple. You could see the love they had for one another as they danced the night away in the Stable Saloon.

family reunion

An Unforgettable Experience

I danced along while capturing their moments. There was a surprise birthday celebration for the woman in the above picture. Tears of joy welled up as I documented this special occasion. At the end of my set hours, the man who decided to hire me through the resort got everyone’s attention. He requested that everyone give me a round of applause and thanked me for serving them. 

Y’all. My professionalism left the room. I blushed, looked down at the floor, and gave a grateful smile. I’ve never had a family thank me for documenting their moments! It was a little embarrassing but in a good way. I’m not one to be the center of attention — ever. Nevertheless, it was so encouraging to my heart and such a sweet thing.