Family Session | Pfafftown, NC

Have you ever worked with a family that just exuded joy? I have a number of times. But, this Family Session was different. I assume because they were all teenagers and Mom & Dad are seasoned parents at this point. Whatever the reason, they all seemed to be so tightly knit together with love. It was truly heart warming to work with them!

They chose CG Hill Memorial Park in Pfafftown, NC. I’d not been here before. I arrived early to get a lay of the land and this park is wonderful. Quaint, quiet, and relaxing. It has a small pond with ducks in it and squirrels that are comfortable with human presence. Dog owners and their dogs rotated in and out of the park. Truly, a gem of a place. The perfect place for their Family Session.

A Joyful Family Session

family photography

Not only was there constant laughter, there was hugs and hand holding. My own kids are 2 and 9 months old and I felt inspired by this sweet family. I mean, look at these siblings! I had them stand close to their older sister and show her some love. Teenagers obviously think it is silly for a photographer to ask them to kiss their big sis on the cheek. Of course, I knew this and the resulting captured moments were priceless. 

family photography

A Gallery to Remember

As I was editing, I found my face hurting. I SMILED THE ENTIRE TIME. Their joy was effecting me through my computer screen. I find myself smiling now! I made sure to pull the parents aside and get some pictures of them. As parents, it can be hard to get pictures of you without the kids. 

Their eldest daughter is going to need senior pictures soon and I cannot wait to work with them again!! So very grateful to have them as clients.