Elopement Wedding | Winston-Salem, NC

When my husband and I were engaged, we seriously considered an elopement wedding. It was significantly cheaper, easier, and stress free. We opted for the traditional wedding, but this couple did not. And it was lovely. From the cute dress she was wearing to the celebratory portraits afterwards, love was in the air. 

Wedding Photography

The ceremony was over with in about five minutes. With their close friends and family by their side, they signed the marriage license and went on their way. I made sure to capture some cute moments. Government buildings aren’t known to be very ornate. So, we utilized the elevator and the escalator. They were such sweet pictures!

A Memorable Elopement

The next portion of creativity was the bridal portraits. Which, I haven’t blogged about this yet, but I had the scariest moment happen. My memory card malfunction in the middle of their session. Just stopped working! I had several others with me, but that didn’t prevent the mini panic attack I had while looking through my bag. The location they picked nearby was the brand new Long Branch Trail. 

Together, we all took a nice walk to Bailey Park for the family portraits. I captured them walking together. Hand in hand as husband and wife. Seeing the newness of their marriage in such a simple way was refreshing. There truly was a unique type of special to an elopement. 

wedding photography

An Industrial Setting

Their session ended at Incendiary Brewery for celebratory beers. I could not wait! I’d not had the chance to visit and thrilled to finally go! Indeed, these were my favorite portraits I captured the entire time. The sun was nestled behind the city buildings and the industrial background was stunning!

All in all, it was a great wedding. They have scheduled a reception for the rest of their friends and family to celebrate with them. It is coming up next month and I cannot wait to capture it!