Peggy Sue: A Midcentury Rebrand

Sitting on my grandfather’s lap, my feet dangling just over his knees. He placed the key into the ignition and finished his cigarette. He turned the key and put his truck into reverse and decided that today, at five years old, he would teach me how to drive a manual vehicle. In the background, the soft sound of Buddy Holly Played. “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue. Oh Peggy, my Peggy Sue.” As he pressed the clutch and moved between brake and gas, I shifted on his lap. Standing at just over six feet, his long arms wrapped around me. One on the steering wheel and one on my hand. He kept my small hand under his and told me instructions I didn’t understand. I soaked in every moment, every movement like a sponge. First gear. Second. Third. Fourth. We never made it past second gear while actually driving because his gravel driveway wasn’t that long.

Truthfully, when I picked up driving a manual at an appropriate age, this memory is what I went back to. That day with my Grandfather. He was a light in my darkness. A steady rock in my chaos.

Switching Gears

As I switch gears and begin to focus on weddings, I’ve realized the need for a full rebrand. The inspiration for my rebrand starts with my late Grandfather, Otha. My grandfather was a hopeless romantic. Cheesy in every way, but a romantic. Born in 1950, I’ve opted to go with a midcentury inspiration in my color scheme, wedding packages, website, and logo. It’s a rebrand I’ve been working on by myself and have chipped away at it slowly. Here is what is changing:

  1. LOGO


My logo was born out of a long break from social media. During this break, I tackled my need to compare myself to others around me, and explored my creativity. This was great for me as I found my style, preference, and confidence in my work. I designed a brand new logo. You’ll notice the upright, fun script with the sans-serif font. Bold, vibrant colors with bold fonts. The colors in my logo are not only my favorite colors but also part of my new color palette. There is also a camera with a heart in the middle. I drew this myself after spending days trying to figure out how to incorporate my butterfly heart (my very first watermark) into my logo. You can now get a glimpse of me as a person through my logo.

2. Editing Style

Not my style
portrait photography
My Style

I was spending an awful amount of time trying to fit the light and airy romantic style — the overexposed images with pastel tones. You know the style. It’s truly beautiful, but not unique to who I am. What I actually gravitate towards is bright, vibrant colors with a touch of light, balanced tone, and a hint of mood. Not only do I pull the beauty and joy out of the moment, but I also draw out the emotion and scene. This is where photography becomes an art for me. I capture a moment unique to you and then create an image unique to me. It’s a beautiful thing to see myself and other photographers develop their own styles. I’m so thankful to finally have my own style.

3. Color Palette


Again, I spent an awful amount of time fretting over neutral, pastel tones and less time on what I truly loved. So, here it is. My new color palette is a bold, modern interpretation of mid-century color palettes. This is one of the many ways I am tipping my hat to my late grandfather as a thank you. This color palette is even found in my images. Pretty amazing, right? It took me a couple of hours with a color wheel to find colors I loved that complimented each other. My Instagram highlights are all colors of my color palette.


My website now features galleries of all of my previous work. You will notice brand new sections that outline the experience for each client, a blog, my wedding packages, and a more in-depth “about me” section. Additionally, I’ve included an investment page!


This part has been one of the most exciting things about my rebranding process. As a tribute to my late Grandfather and the relationship we had, all of my packages are inspired by love songs from the 1950s. They will also include FILM PHOTOGRAPHY. Because what is a modern mid-century rebrand without adding film photography?!


Yes! I’m finally doing it. I am adding film photography into my packages. At this point, I am still hybrid shooting, but the hope is to gradually get to a place of using only film. This is oh so exciting for me! I love film photography and dream of owning my own darkroom/camera shop. This is my baby step towards that.

Much like the emotion evoked when I tell that story of learning how to shift gears, I hope to do the same through galleries. This modern mid-century rebrand creates the chance to provide you with a memorable, unique experience and an incredible gallery in your hands and online. Buddy Holly songs will forever play in my head and the memory of my grandfather will forever play in my heart. He is where my photography journey began. His inspiration is where my professional soul-searching ended. Everything about my brand has fallen into place so nicely and I am super excited to see where it goes. Here’s to my late Grandfather and everything he did for me during his life. I’m thrilled to introduce the rebranded Brandi Lawson Photography.

Enjoy! 🙂