Family Photography

Your family photography session

All too often, we’re so busy living our lives that we forget to stop and savor them. One moment, you’re watching your child take their first steps; the next, you’re watching them head out the door. Family photography is a great way to capture your family as it is now, today, while everyone is still together under the same roof. Additionally, investing in yearly family photographs is a great way to chart your family’s growth—both the physical growth of your children, as well as the expansion as new members (and pets!) are added.

As with my birth photography and newborn photography sessions, I take a natural, organic approach that captures families just being themselves—no props or posing, just genuine interactions and love. I aim for each session to be full of laughs, smiles, and snuggles. As a result, I create beautiful photos that portray your family just as it is today.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a family portrait photographer, I encourage you to do it now. Time passes so swiftly, and the next thing you know, that little boy or girl will be heading off to college or walking down the aisle. I can’t wait to meet you and your family and help you capture the special people who light up your life.

Family Photography
Family Photography Sessions

I offer several different session options to accommodate different budgets and needs.

Mini Session – A thirty-minute photography session at a location of your choice. You will receive three proof prints, as well as an online digital gallery.

Standard Family Session – An hour-long session at a location of your choice. You will receive an online digital gallery of up to 45 images.

Children/School Photography Session– A 45-minute session at the location of your choice. You will receive an online digital gallery of up to 30 images.

Senior Portrait Photography – A one-hour session at a location of your choice, available to high school or college graduates.

Our Story Session – This is a 6-8 hour hybrid session that captures a day in the life of your family. That cheesy grin your child gives you as you “rawr” like a dinosaur; that sweet twirl your daughter does as she dances around you—this is a great way to document the little moments that make life so wonderful. You will receive a full photo gallery in a beautiful heirloom package.


I do not require a consultation for a family photography session. However, I’m happy to set one up with you, free of charge.

Bookings & Payment

In order to set up a session, just contact me via phone or email, or via my Facebook page. Due to high demand, I require a small deposit prior to our session. Full payment is expected before or on the day of your session, via Venmo, Paypal, Squarecash, or check.

Session Day

Once the day arrives for your session, we will meet at our predetermined place and time and get started! Please arrive ten minutes early to complete paperwork.

Thank you so much for your interest in my family photography services. Please feel free to explore my birth photography and newborn photography services as well.